About Us

Premiers is the largest Immigration Company in the entire Middle East with its full fledged processing department in its Head Office in Dubai. Premiers serve applicants from entire Middle East through its Head office in Dubai. With its Head office in Dubai & Branch Office in Abu Dhabi Premiers is serving expatriate community in the Middle East and has the honor of processing approximately 1000 cases per year.

Over the years there had been a strong demand from potential clients from Pakistan who would travel all the way to Dubai for their initial counseling and registering with Premiers for Immigration purpose, to open a branch office in Pakistan. For the convenience of a large existing and potential customer base in Pakistan, Premiers Karachi Office has been established. Same high standards of knowledge, experience and professionalism of Premiers staff are ensured. Almost every other week a senior consultant from Head Office Dubai visits Premiers Karachi office to ensure the service standards and meet in person to the clients if required.

Premiers work closely with its clients to understand their requirement, identify the best place to migrate & do the necessary assessment. Premiers and our Affiliates professionally guide all the applicants to ensure successes. Migration is neither an easy decision nor easy to achieve. This is probably one of the most important decisions in anybody's life. Accordingly selecting the right destination and right migration consultants are very critical decisions. Once the decision is made for the right destination to migrate, professionally preparing migration application and documentation are equally important to ensure success. We have recently made huge investment into our IT infrastructure. The state of the art IT infrastructure boasts a fully automated portal. The whole work flow from the first visit of potential clients to the finalization of their cases is carried through portal. System generated auto e-mails and SMS ensure timely and proper coordination with clients. Fool proof reminder notifications are generated by the system for clients so that they might not forget or delay submission of required documents and information as and when required.

Premiers are highly respected migration consultancy. Our highly professional services ensure customer satisfaction and help improve chances of success. At premiers, we work closely with each and every skilled and business migration applicant to help them ` smooth sailing. Premiers is continuously expanding its level of services to ensure peace of mind for our clients.

Premiers is also becoming one of the leading overseas Education Consultancy in the whole of the Middle East. We have affiliation to numerous world renowned universities and educational institutes around the globe.

Premiers has its’ own in-house Seminar Hall equipped with state of the art devices like multimedia projector, sound system etc. having a seating capacity of 40 to 50 people. This Seminar hall caters to the need of imparting comprehensive information and briefings about the new developments in the immigration and overseas education industries to the existing and potential clients. The Seminar Hall is also a great convenience towards arranging orientations, regular training sessions (conducted by Senior and Experienced staff members as well as Official Visitors from Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, New Zealand, UK and other countries.
Please contact Premiers info@premiers.ae to help you identify the right destination for migration and to provide you all the necessary services to make your dream come true.

ICCRC number - R 410607
DIAC number - 3000681
Quebec Registration Number - 11393